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Welcome to the Maritime Memorial Trust web site

This site is a memorial to all who lost their lives at sea during the conflicts of the 20th century, Merchant Navy, Naval, Army and civilians.

We discovered, at the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of The Atlantic in 1993, that hundreds of people lacked  knowledge regarding how their relative died and which ship they were on at the time.  This website is the result of years of research linking over 90,000 names to the ships on which they were lost. Initially this information was put in a book that was produced by us and published by NUMAST. Only a few copies were printed, one of which went to The National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas, Staffordshire and the others went to the Imperial War Museum, The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich and the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool.

Since the publication of this book more information has been added. This relates to where individuals lived and information on parents and wives, where available. More names of those who lost their lives, including over 1,300 civilians have been added.  At present the website contains over 90,000 names and more information is added as it becomes available, particularly on non-commonwealth ships.  Our target is to include the names of First World War casualties, hopefully before the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World War.

To the best of our knowledge all the information is correct, but would be only too pleased to hear from you.

We would also be delighted to receive any photographs to add to this research.
Information is provided free of charge but we would appreciate donations to allow us to maintain this site and to meet our August 2014 target.  This can be done by either Paypal or cheque.  Part of the donation will be given to the Merchant Navy Fund.
To access the system you can:

  1. Enter a person’s name, a list of identical names will be displayed with forenames and rank, you can then select the individual.
  2. Enter a ships name, a list of identical names will be displayed, the required one can then be selected

We also have available over 900 survivor’s reports. These were the report of an interview with the senior survivor taken after they had returned to the UK. These reports are as the individual saw the incident at the time, and in the terminology of the day, and no modifications have been made to allow for political correctness.  There will be a charge for these reports.
















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